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What is the Difference Between ERC-20 and ERC-721

fungible token
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However, smart contract deployment costs are not the only cost blockchain engineers and NFT teams need to consider. Creating a successful NFT collection or collectible avatar project includes building a community and making it easy for users to mint, trade, and use their NFTs. Three of the most popular token standards on the Ethereum network are ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. Each of these token standards have their own distinct features and use cases. Furthermore, ERC-721 tokens can be used to create digital assets that are used in gaming, such as in-game items, which can then be traded or sold on the open market.


We also listed the most popular ERC standards and looked closely at ERC721 and ERC1155. This is where you learned about the main differences between the two standards and what makes ERC1155 an overall superior option. Both token standards have their own advantages and disadvantages. ERC20 tokens are easy to create and manage, making them ideal for large-scale token offerings and fundraising campaigns.

Token Standards: ERC20 vs ERC721 vs ERC1155

These rules include how tokens are transferred, how users can access data about a token, and how token approvals work. Just like many other ERCs, ERC-721 also provides some of the functionalities to NFTs. Some of the examples include providing an ability to get the account’s current token balance, the total supply of tokens on the network and specific token owner information, etc. It also helps to make NFT transactions possible from one account to another. ERC-721 NFT like CryptoKitties and other cryptoitems are collectibles. This means your CryptoKitty is non-fungible and there are no other CryptoKitty just like it .

  • These interfaces or token standards benefit the market by developing communication between various tokens and removes the need to develop a separate interface for every token.
  • We’ll take a look at how these optimizations are done, but before that we should understand what kinds of transactions cost the most gas fees.
  • It is a technical documentation of the definitions of different innovations, research, behaviors, and methods developers and users need to know to build applications on Ethereum.
  • Answers to all your questions about building the future of Web3 using Moralis.
  • Token standards identify the requirements your contract needs to fulfill to be considered compliant to a standard.

Still, these tokens lack compatibility with important components of Ethereum, such as DeFi exchange and decentralized wallets. These standards demonstrate certain rules that every Ethereum token must abide by, and these are technical guidelines applicable to everyone who seek to create a token in Ethereum’s ecosystem. These three token standards are just the beginning of a highly efficient and inclusive digital ecosystem. The evolution of token standards is happening at a much higher speed, so it won’t be surprising to see a drastic advancement of blockchain in the next few years.

Goals Of ERC721 Tokens:

Ethereum is an open-source, unrestricted, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system encompassing smart contract functionality. Ethereum was projected in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin and it was live on 30 July 2015. The value of the Ethereum currency grew over 13,000 percent in 2017. If you want to send funds to a smart contract account, i.e., the other form of Ethereum accounts, you need to use “approve” and “transferFrom” combination. If you send tokens to a smart contract using the “transfer” function, you will see a successful transaction, but the contract will never receive the tokens.


ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 are three major protocols or token standards approved by the Ethereum blockchain network to run in the ecosystem. Since Ethereum is the most popular and dominating blockchain in the market, these are the most popular token standards currently in effect. Each of these token standards has particular features that separate them from each other. Before we delve deeper into a detailed discussion, let us give you a brief idea. As it can be comprehended that there are thousands of tokens functional these days, so there have to be some standards to assess them. Without these standards, it would be impossible to communicate with each token’s contract.

The Difference Between ERC20 VS ERC721

However, when it comes to ERC721A NFTs, you cannot transfer tokens to the 0 address to burn NFTs because most tokens minted in a batch are mapped to the 0 address by default. From Smalltalk to smart contracts, reflecting on 50 years of programming (Ep…. While cryptocurrencies were designed for peer-to-peer transfers, ERC-20 allows for people to send and receive Ethereum over and through another platform. This has largely allowed for the use of Ethereum over decentralized applications.

Ultimately, this token enables the developer to accurately forecast how future tokens will work in the Ethereum network. To keep the numerous different Ethereum tokens working together, this regulation must always be followed. The current NFT boom can be attributed to the introduction of ERC-721. As a result of this new protocol, there is now a community for creators, players, and anyone else who wants to sell anything special.

difference between erc

The enumeration extension is OPTIONAL for erc20 vs erc721-721 smart contracts (see “caveats”, below). This allows your contract to publish its full list of NFTs and make them discoverable. To write smart contracts, you will need to know the basics of Solidity, which is an Ethereum programming language. While mastering Solidity is relatively tricky, getting started with smart contract programming is not that complicated. A good smart contract programming tutorial or a proper course, such as the “Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101” course from Moralis Academy, can get you on the right track. Plus, open-source resources, such as OpenZepplin, can provide you with verified smart contract templates.

ERC721A Alternatives for batch minting NFTs

Now with ERC20, Ethereum developers know that they will just have to use ERC 20 standard. This standardization played a big part in fueling the ICO craze we saw since 2017. ERC-20 represents the value of fungible assets and is useful to organize crowdfunding campaigns, issue ICOs, and launch more cryptocurrencies in the market.

If there were no standards it would have been difficult to manage such a large number of contracts. Thus, these token standards have allowed ease of use and a more feasible mechanism for the users. The ERC-721 standard structurally resembles the ever-famous ERC-20 token architect. Although the smart contractsof both tokens have somewhat similar functions, some features of ERC-721 are different.

What Is the Difference Between ERC-20 and ERC-721 on Ethereum – MUO – MakeUseOf

What Is the Difference Between ERC-20 and ERC-721 on Ethereum.

Posted: Tue, 15 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

The ERC-721 token protocol has been widely adopted by the cryptocurrency community, and is increasingly being used to create unique digital assets. These tokens can be used to create unique digital collectibles, or as a means of ownership for digital assets such as real estate, art, or music. ERC-721 token standard addresses all these challenges, and users provide someone with the ownership of unique digital assets, trackable through Ethereum’s public ledger.

Ethereum developers often submit ‘Ethereum Improvement Proposals’ . The Ethereum community reviews EIPs, makes comments, which may trigger some rework. Before we compare ERC 20 vs ERC 223 vs ERC 777, you need to understand what are ERC standards, and what does ERC represent. Follow our article to get an insight into all the top-managed blockchain solutions. Managed blockchain solutions help businesses to leverage the advantages of blockchain technology seamlessly.

One dollar note equals another 1 dollar note, and 1 dollar can be split into 0.5 USD. Ethereum needs a robust standard that brings uniformity across the network and the development process. Some of the important Characteristics of ERC20 tokens are following. ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC721A are the four major ERCs popular in the Ethereum Ecosystem and utilized. Before we get into details of every type, one should know some essential points. Additionally, ERC721 defines the following functions and events for token management and transfer.

Therefore, the standardization of tokens is crucial, which is why Ethereum Request for Comments was created. ERC is an open and public mechanism inspired by the well-known internet Request For Comments . RFCs allow anyone to create and comment on recommendations for defining Ethereum smart contracts and tokens. This is distinct from Ethereum Improvement Proposals -focused on the Ethereum protocol. ERC-21, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 are the three prevalent ERC token standards that most industries utilize to create their tokens. ERC standards, in a way, define smart contract standards for writing the smart contract that regulates the token activities on Ethereum.

  • From tokenizing digital content to a real-world asset, NFTs have been unlocking many benefits for people specially for artists.
  • When you play CryptoKitties, you fully own an asset in the form of this virtual cat – each of which are unique and cannot be shared with anyone else.
  • ERC-20 is an exchangeable token that can be used by entities of the same type.
  • ERC-1155 token codeThe ERC-1155 standard, in particular, has the same functionality as an ERC-721 and ERC-20 token.
  • Additionally, ERC721 defines the following functions and events for token management and transfer.
  • The enumeration extension is OPTIONAL for ERC-721 smart contracts (see “caveats”, below).

Because you can’t always deal with a singular, most unique identity. Sometimes you’re dealing with replicas, copies, identical materials with no difference whatsoever. And it’s not just about NFTs; organizing crowdfunding, ICOs, bringing more cryptocurrencies to the market are some of the major applications. All of these applications require a degree of features and strict guidelines.

ERC-721 Transfers Surpassed ERC-20 First Time Since 2019: Here’s What It Is – U.Today

ERC-721 Transfers Surpassed ERC-20 First Time Since 2019: Here’s What It Is.

Posted: Wed, 25 May 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

However, it improves upon the functionality of both standards and is a more efficient standard overall. In terms of benefits, transactions using the ERC-1155 standard can be bundled together to help reduce the cost of trading tokens. In addition, ERC-1155 allows each token ID to represent a new token type that is configurable. This can largely reduce the amount of data required to distinguish one token from another.

We chose Interface Detection (ERC-165) to expose the interfaces that a ERC-721 smart contract supports. Additionally, an authorized operator may set the approved address for an NFT. This provides a powerful set of tools for wallet, broker and auction applications to quickly use a large number of NFTs. In this article, we’ll conduct an in-depth comparison of the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards.

In 2017 and 2018, the issuance of a huge amount of different ERC-20 tokens was used to raise funds for new blockchain ventures, which built up a lot of the blockchain hype. Till today, the ERC-20 standard is still widely used and plays a major role in blockchain and Ethereum ecosystems. You can trade your ether tokens to another person and you won’t recognize your tokens from theirs.

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